Online Appendix K — Errata and updates

I am grateful for the corrections and suggestions of: Andrew Black, Crystal Lewis, Inessa De Angelis, and Zak Varty.

K.1 Errata

The following errata exist in the print version, but have been updated in the online version. If you notice an error not mentioned below, please submit an issue or send an email:

    1. xxi: Add Alex Hayes to the Acknowledgments.
  • p. 20: Add “packages” to “use the tidyverse and janitor packages.”
  • p. 34: "daily-shelter-overnight-service-occupancy-capacity-2021" should be "daily-shelter-overnight-service-occupancy-capacity-2021.csv" (note the “.csv” added).
  • p. 34: Replace the first code chunk with the second:
toronto_shelters_clean <-
     clean_names(toronto_shelters) |>
     select(occupancy_date, id, occupied_beds)

toronto_shelters_clean <-
  clean_names(toronto_shelters) |>
  mutate(occupancy_date = ymd(occupancy_date)) |> 
  select(occupancy_date, occupied_beds)

  • p. 41: Remove a stray “:::”.
  • p. 66: “New Project$dots” should be “New Project…”.
  • p. 138: scale_color_brewer(palette = "Set1") is unnecesary and should be removed.
  • p. 138: The figure caption should refer to inflation not unemployment.
  • p. 347: The “Exploratory data analysis” chapter of R for Data Science is 11, not 12.
  • p. 353: Fix a “the the”.
  • p. 587: The link should be:

K.2 Updates

While I have tried to limit changes to what was printed, the following have been made:


  • Updated links and citations for: Barrett (2021); Blair (2019); Chase (2020); Kasy and Teytelboym (2023); and World Health Organization (2019).


  • Added a reference to Matsumoto (2007).